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I am

born in 1979
I been wrecking bikes since 1941.

You can't stop me.

Look at these bags! Ride'm hard and watchin' bleed, that's what I say. I seen'EM go down AND JUST KEPT ON ROLLING! These bags will make it thru the battle, baby--hardcore. My bags carry spears, not wrenches. People need these bags just too survive--you will die if you don't ride with sCout Bags.

You ever just walked down the street? Have you seen the one-man band, horns and drums and spoons, making it up and sounding great, like you'll never hear it again. That's me, cutting, sewing, and riding. Let me make you bag and you'll never regret it.

I believe in three things: you, me, and these bags. Let me show you.